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The best day trips to take from Kamena Vourla
Nestled along the tranquil coastline of central Greece, Kamena Vourla serves as a perfect gateway to an array of captivating destinations. Beyond its own serene shores, adventurers can embark on day trips that promise a rich tapestry of experiences, from historical marvels to natural wonders.   Pavlani Begin your exploration with a visit to Pavliani,...
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Kamena Vourla Thermal Springs’ revival
In the heartland of Greece just 20 minutes away from Lamia and a mere 1.30 hours’ drive from Athens, Kamena Vourla have played a lead role and continue to star in the tourist life of the entire central Greece. Comfortably located at the south-eastern horn of the Maliakos gulf, the location of Kamena Vourla is...
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Lichadonisia, an exotic green paradise next to Kamena Vourla
Looking for paradise on Earth? It exists and we found it for you just a couple hours away from Athens. Lichadonisia or Greece's tiny version of the Seychelles is just 10 minutes away by boat from Mitsis Galini Wellness Spa & Resort! A little group of islands to enjoy the sun and swim in crystal...
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Central Greece natural bliss
Central Greece is a vast Greek region full of forests, mountains, beautiful natural surroundings and traditional villages and cities. It is the core of Greece and that is why its tourist destinations are overflown with visitors who all acquire a sense of familiarity with the land. At the same time, Central Greece is a rapidly...
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