Welcome to Storytellers by Mitsis

Storytellers by Mitsis is a unique programme designed to craft an extraordinary vacation experience for our members, narrating an enriching tale of rewards, on-site benefits, and ultimately, unforgettable free holidays.


Our loyalty programme has been crafted to honour and reward our loyal guests who, as true storytellers, keep turning the pages of their vacation story with us. By weaving your feedback into our narrative, we have created a programme that is now more rewarding than ever, forging ever-deeper connections with our valued guests. Storytellers by Mitsis is the prologue to the Mitsis experience; the first page where everything begins.

Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey together. Make the most of your stay, unlock exclusive benefits and create memorable experiences. This is where your story begins!

If you have any questions about Storytellers by Mitsis, please contact us at [email protected]