About Mitsis

We’re passionate about offering you the finest of Greek hospitality and a premium-quality holiday experience. All with a warm and welcoming spirit, genuine caring and attention to detail. Bringing close to you what you treasure most to craft the memories of a lifetime.


As Greece’s largest privately-owned hotel chain, Mitsis has been a tourism pioneer for over 45 years. Mitsis has made its own mark on Greece’s tourism industry through our customer – centred philosophy and the promise of an unparalleled holiday experience.

With 23 hotels and beach resorts of 3, 4 and 5 stars, 13 spas and thalassotherapy centres located across Athens, Corfu, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and Rhodes, we aspire to stand out as the preferred portfolio of hotels & resorts in Greece. By offering excellent service, great locations, impeccable facilities, sophisticated dining, and a broad spectrum of options for our clientele.

We bring to life enriching experiences for our guests, by making the most of our unparalleled family feeling and genuine Greek essence, always seeking to be flexible and adaptable to individual customer needs and the mindset of new generations. Transforming each visitor into a special guest is the key to our success.

For its remarkable performance, Mitsis has been awarded several prizes by local and international tour operators and travel organisations. As well as, in recognition of the high quality of the services provided and Mitsis’ contribution to upgrading local tourism and its respect for the environment.

A 45-Year Long History

Mitsis Group was founded in 1976 in Greece by entrepreneur Konstantinos Mitsis, who envisioned revolutionising the tourism industry with the all-inclusive concept. The idea was to develop top-of-the-line hospitality accommodations and a rich food and beverage (F&B) programme, while focusing on high quality and premium service.

The first ventures emerged on Kos island with Ramira and Norida and soon expanded to some of the most beautiful destinations of the country. Seen under the sunlight of the Greek islands or amid the history and culture of mythical cities – in Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and Rhodes.

Today the company employs over 5,000 professionals, thereby playing an important part in the country’s tourism development and employment sector. In the light of a new era in the tourism industry, we are constantly looking out for new growth opportunities, developing new brands, products and services, leading technologies, and openings in sustainability. While coupling our progress with the development of the local communities and the environment in which we operate.

Our Philosophy

Entering a new era with vision and determination, while aspiring to represent an innovative, social and committed brand; we continuously customise our services to better meet customers’ needs. We do this through bringing the voice of the customer into every aspect of the business, attracting and retaining the right talent through internal culture, tapping into local communities in an authentic way, and creating a brand that shines through time.

Key international trends such as the growing interest in cultural and heritage travel, culinary tourism, luxury that looks for anti-luxury, the rise of wellness, spiritual travelling, and ecological tourism – all are different trends stemming from the same guest need: to transform themselves according to what matters most to them.

Under the slogan “Create your own story”, our brand philosophy aims to capture the very purpose of our existence: to offer a world of delightful premium-quality holiday experiences, where you can embrace your own perspective of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Our Values

At Mitsis, we are warm at heart. Everything is well thought out and made with care. A Greek family spirit makes each guest’s experience sincere and welcoming. As a premium hospitality brand, we strive for excellence in everything we do, and always prioritise intimacy through attention to detail and understanding of individual needs.

We want people to feel the pleasure and comfort of being welcomed with a spirit of warmth and generosity. We aspire to create relational bonds in our hotels. Thus fostering a feeling of belonging and make our guests welcome the caring spirit.

We are multi-faceted. We show a natural ability and willingness to accommodate our offering to satisfy and fulfil individual customer aspirations, being relevant to the mindset of new generations and all age ranges.

We want people to feel the richness of their own transformation through an experience lived to the fullest. 
We make sure that our touchpoints are adaptable to consumer needs and feelings, and invite our guests to always seek fulfilment in our hospitality offerings.

We are insightful. We aspire to go beyond what is established and expected, capturing the hearts and minds of the customers, delighting them with the joys of premium service and attention to the smallest of details.

We want people to feel the joy of expressing their vibrant feelings.
So, we invite our guests to explore new ways of enjoyment and live their holidays with enthusiasm.

Our Personality

Mitsis is much more than just a family name or the brand of our premium hotel chain.
More than a logo. A Sensation.
We’re the sum of all the truly engaging, multi-faceted and meaningful sensations that you experience and come back to, each and every time you’re with us.
We’re passionate about always giving you the finest that Greek hospitality means for us at Mitsis.
We’re committed to being adaptive to your needs and preferences anytime and every time you’re with us. We’re enthusiastic about bringing what you treasure most within your reach so you can craft the memories you want to cherish.

We are Mitsis.